Exclusive products need unique technology

Filtes’ technology is unique. It relies on the mix of 30 years textile know-how and market knowledge, unique manufacturing and partnerships with the best material companies.

Know how

Know how





Our technology has endless possibilities, as we are able to engineer very different materials together. Thanks to unique manufacturing processes, we obtain outstanding properties and performances that are much more advanced compared to when a single material is used.

This is a critical factor that allows us to achieve solutions offering multiple risks protection and extremely high level of comfort at the same time.

Our ability to create innovative blends is a unique skill that we offer our customers.

Very versatile materials such as high-performance yarns, natural fibres and metallic yarns finer than a hair, coexist in a perfectly calibrated yarn, ensuring exceptional fabric performance that exceeds the characteristics of the individual materials.

We master the know how to optimize the use of our yarns to make unique products, providing our customers with methods and manufacturing processes that are unique in the market.

Our know-how is the best guarantee for high-quality dialogue with our clients in manufacturing.

Our yarns are exclusive because our manufacturing plants are made with unique features.

One of our manufacturing choices has been to develop proprietary stretch broken yarn manufacturing that allows us to mix different raw materials resulting in the finest and most resistant spun yarn.

Quality is rigorously controlled within our internal laboratory to comply with the highest standards of the industry.

The company is certified ISO9001: 2015 and our products are complying with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and Reach.

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We work in collaboration with the most advanced material suppliers in the industry.

Filtes collaborates at R&D phase with material global leaders. As a result, Filtes is able to be the first in the commercialization of those materials on the market. Materials of the highest quality standards and the most advanced properties are critical to meet our customers’ requirements.