We've engineered safety yarns for more than 30 years thanks to our unique mix of proprietary technologies experience and know-how.
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Filtes Company
We were born and raised in an Italian industrial district that became Europe’s 3rd most productive (Dec 2018). We have utmost respect for our partners and we dedicate our resources to satisfy their demands with professionalism and high quality solutions.
Our proprietary stretch broken yarn manufacturing technology, where different raw materials are mixed, gives you the finest and most resistant spun yarn available. Our ability to engineer innovative blends allowed us to become premium partners with some of the best material companies around the world.
We believe in safety above all. That’s why we’ve been spinning safety solutions for over 30 years to meet the most demanding applications: from cut protection to fire protection. New solutions are constantly developed to solve for customer needs.
readily available
Along with our exclusive manufacturing process, we’ve set up our warehouse so that it’s always stocked with high quality raw materials, allowing us to kick off projects swiftly. Our stock includes a vast portfolio of ready to ship safety yarns and sewing threads. Each item is hand-packed by our team to ensure high quality standards.
Filtes Company
Our showroom a display
of safety-innovation
In 2018 we’ve created a space to store all our products.
From safety yarns to sewing threads. A space designed to host our partners and collaborate together to solve for their needs. Our doors are always open.
Filtes Company