Engineered yarns
Products created to satisfy
multi-purpose yarns
Filtes has a unique mix of technologies that combines different
yarns and produce high perfrormance solutions
Filtes Engineered yarns
Top twist

The latest innovation from Filtes is TOP TWIST: an engineered yarn that combines high comfort with functionality.

Safety, protection to cut and abrasion resistance are possible thanks to a core yarn made of reinforcing threads such as steel, tungsten or glass fibre.

We are capable to achieve such result in spite of the many materials involved, the results? A thing yet strong yarn.


Ideal for protective gloves and safety clothing, this proprietary technology offers the best available performance against cuts and abrasions, meeting international standards for quality and safety.

Our production procedure spins glass fiber spun with a polyester or polyamide thread avoiding the glass fibre to break and protecting the skin.
Dynetex is available in a broad range of colors.