These 4 elements will increase the number of workers wearing safety gloves.

These 4 elements will increase the number of workers wearing safety gloves.


Consumers empowerment and attention to their needs is a well known trend that has taken by storm almost every aspect of the lives of manufacturers and marketers over the past decade. Long gone are they days where companies were in charge of what final products would have to look like, remember the famous quote from Henry Ford? “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black."          

While most companies have argued that this trend was and is true for their B2C businesses,  and have act accordingly therefore offering a wider set of options to customize their final products based on consumers’ needs, they have been somewhat reluctant, or not as fast, to recognize that the same change of mindset was also happening to another critical source of business: their B2B consumers.  

Take the PPE industry for example, and more specifically the anti-cut safety glovessector. In the early days the purchase selection process for a safety engineers responsible to select and provide the right safety glove for the plant’s workers was simple, it mostly lied in identifying the application for which the gloves were needed. As developers of innovative yarns, we acted accordingly and developed innovative solutions by taking cues from the application that the final product, the gloves, was designed to address. We engineered our yarns in terms of resistance and protection according to the dictates of the job. If it’s high heat, we’re thinking thermal and heat resistance. A shearing or metal fabrication job in chassis assembly or salvage brings to market high performance yarns designed to prevent cuts and tears. And so it goes.

Today such process has evolved and the variables for which safety engineers have to account for have grown past the sole discrimination of the application. We now have to consider 4 variables that, if ignored, can lead to workers reluctancy to wear safety gloves and become more prone to accidents and injuries. 

Safety, comfort, dexterity and style will ultimately affect the way workers will feel about wearing PPE or not. Let’s examine them one by one and why they matter so much to today’s consumers. 

Safety, as well as protection, is the priority of any industrial equipment manufacturer. Compliance with industry-specific, ANSI and ISO and EN guidelines is not only essential, but also mandatory. At Filtes we strive to deliver the highest level of safety and thanks to our unique mix of technologies we’ve developed a yarn, our FILTES DEFENTEX CUT, capable of achieving the highest grading defined by EN388:2016: cut level “F”. However, delivering the highest level of safety is not enough, otherwise we would not see so many injuries happening to workers not wearing gloves. They need to be comfortable as well.

As innovations continue to improve how gloves are made, the level of comfort achievable continues to increase, improving worker acceptance, helping to reduce injury time and associated costs of injuries to the business. On top of conforming to EN388:2016: cut level “F”, our FILTES DEFENTEX CUT is a yarn capable of providing a safety glove that feels ultra light thanks to know how and our 18-gauges spinning process. As such we can create a yarn that is about half the weight and thickness of those used in traditional UHMWPE gloves. This in turn opens the door to finer knitting structures that are more flexible without compromising on cut, tear, and abrasion resistance. 

Ultra thin 18-gauges knitting allows to also increase the dexterity and maintains perfect finger mobility, delivers excellent sensitivity that ultimately delivers better productivity. Dexterity for today’s workers also means dealing with machinery that is controlled through touchscreens, so we’ve engineered FILTES DEFENTEX CUT to allow for the manipulation of any touchscreen out there. 

Lastly, style. While fashion or trendiness should never win out over safety. Our job at Filtes is to ensure that our yarns deliver a level of protection equal or greater to the applications our customers face during their everyday jobs. But the reality of today’s workforce and consumers’ power dictate a different approach for the successful safety equipment manufacturer. While individual choice and styling may have less to do with safety than proper fit, tactile sensitivity and manual dexterity, if it means the difference between glove usage, they might as well be.

We don’t know yet what consumers and their needs will look like 10 years from now, but we can certainly promise you that our thirst for safety innovative solutions won’t seat around idly, but we will continue to leverage our growing know how, experience and unique mix of technologies to keep offering the best possible yarns when it comes to personal safety.

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