Can the latest PPE innovations combine multi-risk safety and comfort?

Can the latest PPE innovations combine multi-risk safety and comfort?


Requirements on the protective functions of PPE are becoming increasingly demanding, as the areas and fields in which it is used are diverse and ever-changing. 

Think about it. 

The regular laceration injuries in the workplace continue to make a compelling claim for adequate cut protection as they are prevalent as ever and, not only these events put worker’s career and well-being in jeopardy, but companies spend thousands of dollars per injury in lost work time, compensation and medical care.

Along with punctures and cuts, other sorts of interactions are increasingly becoming a regular fixture among the industrial workforce employed across industries such as automotive, food, machinery, metal fabrication, oil and gas and waste. Workers in these industries are frequently finding themselves facing a combination of risks: from cut to heat or from Arch flash to electrostatic discharge.

A new scenario that demands new solutions.

Since multi-hazard is more typical than many might think, the need for personal protective equipment that doubles up on protection is no longer a nice-to-have, but is becoming a necessity.


Despite what’s happening in the real world, there’s still some skepticism from companies around the world about multi-risk solutions. And that’s a problem. 

Such slow adaption process has negative repercussions on workers’ safety, potentially leading to two main problems: being incapable to provide the right level of safety to your workforce, and offer PPE that can deliver safety for one risk but may result useless and uncomfortable to wear when the worker is facing the additional risks.

Multi-risk safety and comfort together, at last.

Fortunately key players in the industry have taken notice and have successfully develop innovative solutions that are capable to deliver high standard of safety against many risks at once.

Take for instance FILTES DEFENTEX CUT. 

This recent development by Filtes is an engineered spun yarn that offers the highest safety possible to today’s workers - achieving cut level F in the norm EN388:2016. It also delivers great multi-risks protection at once answering to the requirements described by many norms: the EN388:2016 or ANSI ISEA 105 that regulates cut prevention, the EN407 for heat, the NPFA 70E for Arch Flash and the 16350:2014 for electrostatic discharge. 

But safety alone is not enough. Modern PPE has to be comfortable to wear. Because if workers become dissatisfied with the uncomfortable nature of their safety gloves, then they may decide to stop wearing them altogether - creating an even higher degree of danger regardless of the combination of risks that they are facing every day. 

Workers need solutions that can also ensure great level of comfort that includes a high degree of dexterity in order to maintain perfect finger mobility, breathable fabrics to keep hands cool, practical touchscreen functionality and lightweight to increase sensitivity and therefore productivity. A level of comfort that FILTES DEFENTEX CUT can achieve thanks to our unique mix of technologies and our proprietary 18GG knitting process.

So yes, thanks to technological advancements, companies around the world can now offer PPE gloves that combine multi-risk protection without having to sacrifice comfort.