To stay safe, comfort is not an option.

Statistics show that, too often, safety gloves are not used because they are uncomfortable or impede work: the comfort and breathability qualities of fabrics made with FILTES yarns allow gloves to be worn all day without discomfort, ensuring compliance with regulations. Furthermore, greater comfort means greater safety and a better fit ensures higher productivity.

The Defentex technology that we developed has achieved unique performance levels on the market for the production of cut resistant gloves: thin and soft yet incredibly cut-resistant

Cut safe

The highest protection all in one.

Filtes Defentex meets the highest level of protection according to the new norms ISO13997 and ANSI. Moreover, more end-users want gloves that could protect in any work conditions. Filtes Defentex offers multi-risk solutions, adding high abrasion resistance, thermal protection and electrostatic discharge on the top of cut protection.

Feature “Super” glove “Top comfort” glove “Extraprotec” glove
Yarn Made with TT111-36 Made with TT112-36 Made with TT110-36
Ingredient Branding
ISO13997 Cut level C D D
EN 407:2004 Contact heat
Coolness +
Dirt Hiding
Reach compliant
Silicon free
Oeko-tex certified